Reasons to have Teeth Whitening?


1) Teeth Whitening removes the stains that get absorbed by your teeth day to day caused by caffeine, smoking, red wine and food in general to name a few.

2) It ages you!  Young teeth are white and bright.  Our teeth can get yellower as we get older.  Laser/Plasma or tray teeth whitening will restore the natural shade of youth.

3) Laser/Plasma treatment is a great incentive for giving up smoking or caffeine.  You will want to protect your new rejuvenated smile!

4) A winning smile creates an amazing first impression and does wonders for your confidence, something to help you with that job interview when meeting people and socialising.

5) Avoid being the one with the yellow smile on special occasions like a forthcoming birthday, wedding, family celebration or any other event with photographs!

6) Give this to someone as an extra special gift!  Give us a ring at Simpson and Nisbet Dental Centre and we can arrange a personal teeth whitening voucher for you to present to a special someone!

7) Laser/Plasma process is a non-invasive technique and means you don’t incur the costs associated with crowns, veneers or other forms of cosmetic dentistry to achieve that whiter, brighter smile.  We also supply bespoke

Bespoke Trays For Teeth Whitening

We also supply bespoke top-up trays to ensure that optimum results are easily maintained.  These top-up whitening trays are provided free of charge when you have your Zoom! 3 Advanced Power tooth whitening treatment.  As a result, this makes teeth whitening an affordable treatment with a smile you will be proud of!