Why would I need Crowns?

Crowns are often required when teeth have undergone significant decay or there is not enough of the tooth remaining to support a filling or inlay. When a fractured tooth can no longer be built up with bonding techniques. In addition, they can help give further protection if you have large cavities. Covering large composite fillings or inlays.

Often when it comes to root canal treatment, a crown is quite often needed to help strengthen the tooth. If you have a poor diet or tend to grind your teeth, sometimes this leads to no other option.  Ceramic/porcelain cosmetic crowns are often used to improve the look of your smile


Ceramic ones are constructed in specially formulated ceramics and serve to replace the outer enamel layer of the tooth. In many cases, advanced computer technology is used to scan the dimensions of the tooth preparation from which the crowns are constructed.

This provides a perfectly fitting and sealed crown. Furthermore, these crowns are highly biocompatible and avoid the use of metals. They are bonded to the underlying tooth structure in such a fashion that they provide considerable added strength to the tooth preparation.

We use specialist ceramic dental laboratories from around the country and the United States. This ensures that our patients receive the very best quality dental work to enhance their smiles.

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