Can facial aesthetics help in removing wrinkles

Facial aesthetics and how they can help in removing wrinkles.

As cosmetic dentists, we want to see our patients looking fantastic with a lovely smile and face.  For this reason, we don’t just offer Cosmetic dental treatments we also offer a simple non-surgical way to have a younger more fresher-looking face with our aesthetic treatments.

When it comes to cosmetic surgery this is a rather drastic way of keeping your facial features looking younger.  Furthermore, once this procedure is carried out there is no going back. Obviously if the results look great that is not a big issue, however, if you have a disastrous result it can certainly be a different situation. Removing wrinkles with more temporary treatments which last a few months at a time can be a much better alternative.  Our cosmetic dentists have in-depth training and a good understanding of the facial muscles, nerves and the blood vessels in the face.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers plump out the lines and wrinkles which form as the skin stops producing as much collagen, hyaluronic acid and the fat deposits from under it.  The three of these work to produce a plump look which is associated with younger skin. Dermal fillers are a hyaluronic acid, which is injected under the skin to fill out hollows and wrinkles.  In-turn recreating areas which have lost their plumpness, this is carried out with a local anaesthetic. Dermal fillers are great for lips, nasolabial lines and marionette lines. Generally speaking, the dermal fillers last for around 6 months depending on the area being treated.

Facial Aesthetics and your social life

Feeling good about appearance is not just your smile, which is why we offer patients a range of facial aesthetics to help reduce the lines and wrinkles which appear as we get older.  Furthermore, all the treatments we carry out at our dental centre are both non-surgical and safe.

Reasons for premature ageing of the skin

Many different factors can cause premature ageing of our skin, below are just a few of them.

Exposure to the sun

People who spend a lot of time in the sun who don’t use good protection can start to develop wrinkles and thinner skin.

In addition, it can also damage the vital skin proteins, elastin and collagen.  Generally, this is more noticeable on the face and hands which are exposed to the sun more frequently.


Drinking plenty of water is important for your skin. If you do not drink enough, your skin can become dehydrated and this can show in your facial skin.

Dietary factors

Drinking too much coffee or alcohol (both of which have dehydrating effects can also affect the appearance of your skin). Eating a balanced diet is also equally important.


Smoking prevents oxygen from entering our skin cells, often this is a common cause of lines around the mouth area.

Line and wrinkle treatments at our dental centre

The treatments we use can combat both fine lines and wrinkles, the areas we most often treat are:

  • Frown lines which appear between the eyes
  • Forehead lines
  • Crows feet

At our dental centre, we use an injectable anti-wrinkle treatment which is ideal for easing overactive muscle movement which can lead to deep frown lines and crows feet. The anti-wrinkle treatments we use are for people aged between 18 – 65 and have proved to be both safe and effective. For your information, the treatment only takes 10-minutes which involves just a few tiny injections. Within days patients generally, notice an improvement in ageing facial lines. Results are temporary and can last around 3 – 6 months. Patients who have this treatment carried out generally book two to three sessions a year to ensure continuing their results. Please note that results can vary from patient to patient.

What to find out more information?

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