How to spot mouth cancer, early warning signs

Mouth cancer in the UK has more than doubled inside the last generation.  However, a huge amount of people still are not aware of the early warning signs.

Last year, over 8,300 Britsh adults were found to have mouth cancer, which was an increase of approximately 135% comparing the figures to 20 years ago.  Furthermore, it was found that 82% of us did not know how to check for ourselves.

What symptoms should you look out for with mouth cancer?

  • Mouth ulcers which do not heal in the mouth within three weeks
  • Red or white patches in the mouth
  • Unusual lumps or swellings in either the mouth, head or neck
  • A persistent hoarseness could also be another potential sign

Where to check

Check your cheeks, gums, lips, tongue and tonsils. In addition, check the roof and floor of your mouth and your head and neck.  If you are in any doubt see get it checked out by your dentist or doctor ASAP.

A self-check at home literally takes around 45 seconds. Examine the mouth, lips, head and neck as part of your morning routine.

The recent research which was published as part of Novembers Mouth Cancer Action Month showed that less than half identified long lasting mouth ulcers 42%, red or white patches were 31% and unusual lumps were 47% as warning signs.

Two in three mouth cancers are linked to smoking and a third to alcohol. In men, mouth cancer is twice more common than women.  Almost half 42% are diagnosed at the age of 65 plus. Source 

Finally, if you have any doubt or concerns, please call us to make an appointment. 

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