What do I need to know about Denplan Care?

After an initial assessment, you are placed into one of five, easy payment fee categories for Denpan. They collect the monthly payment by direct debit. This monthly payment entitles you as a patient to all regular treatment and advice needed to maintain oral health. This includes x-rays, hygiene treatments, crowns, bridgework and white fillings where necessary.


What else does Denplan cover?

  • You benefit from having the treatment you need and are not just restricted to the treatment you can afford.
  • No worries about large unexpected bills, to encourage regular attendance.
  • Preventive care, including help with avoiding gum disease and tooth decay involving scaling and polishing, oral hygiene, dietary and other preventive advice. All visits to our dental hygienists and therapists are included for our Denplan Care and Essentials patients.
  • Access to 24-hour Worldwide Dental Emergency Helpline. This telephone helpline is provided for immediate assistance in case of dental emergencies outside normal surgery hours, providing peace of mind. This includes areas away from home if you are travelling. If you require emergency advice out of hours and you are local, it will be a member of our dentist team at Simpson and Nisbet Dental Centre you will be talking to as a member of Denplan Essentials and Denplan Care. This is a personal service which is something most dental practices do not offer and we feel sets us as a dental team apart from other practices; our attention to our patient care.
  • up to £12,000 mouth cancer treatment costs for up to 18 months following a positive diagnosis. Smokers are not excluded from this cover.
  • £60 for every night spent in hospital under the care of a dental or oral/maxillo-facial surgeon for treatment to head and neck.
  • Dental accident cover (up to £10,000 per incident)


And for Denplan Care we also include:

  • All necessary treatment, including white fillings, dentures, inlays and more complex dental treatments.
  • Work involving laboratories, (crowns and bridges). Your time with us as a patient is covered along with our material costs, so you only pay the laboratory costs.


What doesn’t Denplan Care cover?

  • Any referrals to a specialist, this will include complex root canal treatments, orthodontic treatment and referrals for complex wisdom teeth extraction.
  • Treatment deemed for cosmetic needs only e.g. Tooth whitening. Patients do benefit from a discount off our fee scale for any cosmetic work they receive.
  • Sedation


Denplan Information

As a patient you are entitled to all regular treatments and advice needed to maintain oral health. This includes x-rays, hygiene treatments, white fillings where necessary, root canal treatment and extractions.


Denplan Excel

Simpson and Nibet are part of the Denplan Excel scheme, which means your dentist, is practicing in line with current good practice recommendations and is complying with current dental regulation. You can be assured that we are committed to quality care and continuous improvement, and have their best interests at heart.


Denplan Registration

At Simpson and Nisbet the registration process is simple and straight forward. After an initial assessment, you are placed into one of five, easy payment fee categories. Denplan collects the monthly payment by direct debit.