Stopping smoking to help improve your oral health

We hear all the time that people should stop smoking for their health, smoking can also have a big effect on our oral health too.  Many problems can be caused within our mouths, in addition to the risk of lung cancer and heart problems.

Below we look at a few of these issues below.


This is not the most dangerous problem which smoking can cause, but it can affect your social life, standing next to someone with bad breath is not very pleasant.

Yellow / Stained Teeth

Smoking causes staining on the teeth, over time the teeth become more yellow and in some cases even brown especially with heavy smokers.

Gum Disease

More serious issues and can eventually lead to the loss of teeth. Smoking can cause the mouth to become dry which in turn can lead to an increase in harmful bacteria.  This can eventually lead to damage the gums and bone around your teeth.


Smoking narrows the small arteries which are in the gum, this slows down the blood flow to this area.  It can also cause minor abrasions of the gum, the healing is a lot slower and can potentially lead to infections.

Receding Of The Gums

When infections are not healed fully it can lead to the gums receding. Receding of the gums can expose more of the tooth, leading to a greater risk of decay.

Oral Cancers

The most serious of risks, this can even prove to be fatal. Both smoking and heavy drinking are well-known causes of this type of cancer.  This is another reason why it is important to have regular check-ups with a dentist.  At our dental centre we check out patients for any signs of this during the check-up, if we have any concerns we would recommend you see a doctor.

Stopping smoking can really help your oral health in so many ways. If you would like to speak to our dental hygienist on how we can help improve your oral health please book an appointment.

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