Teeth Whitening Newcastle

Teeth whitening procedures available at our Newcastle Dental Centre.

Laser teeth whitening.  This is also sometimes called plasma, in-office or power whitening.  We use Zoom! 3 Advanced Power for our laser teeth whitening and are able to achieve amazing results.

Professional home tray teeth whitening kits. Laboratory made bespoke trays which are made and fitted by us for you to take home and whiten your teeth at your convenience.  You can choose from daily one hour whitening.


Teeth Whitening Procedure:

Both teeth whitening procedures are based on using peroxide gels of varying strengths.  The whitening is a result of oxygen being created which gently penetrates the teeth surfaces.


Zoom 3 Laser Teeth Whitening in Newcastle:

This teeth whitening takes place in one of our treatment rooms and uses hydrogen peroxide gel which is painted on your teeth.  Barrier gel is placed over the gums and cheeks to avoid these areas being exposed to the light.

We use Zoom 3 teeth whitening system which is a laser light, the Zoom 3 Advanced Power. This positioned over the teeth and activated to accelerate the whitening process by allowing the peroxide gel to penetrate the tooth discolouration.  The procedure takes approximately 30 minutes and produces ultra-fast whitening results up to 12 shades lighter!  You leave our Dental Centre with your whitening trays and some top-up peroxide gel along with instructions on how to maintain your new smile!  Even without top-up, the results can last two to three years.

Professional Home Tray Whitening Kits:

Dental impressions are taken of your teeth which are then used to create custom made, soft moulded trays to fit your mouth.  Depending on whether you prefer to whiten your teeth overnight or during the day for an hour at a time.  The length of time to achieve the desired result varies, but the whitening tray system allows for a gentle and completely controlled result which is cost effective.  Results are usually attained between a few days and a couple of weeks.

Considering having Teeth Whitening?

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