What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening involves the bleaching of your teeth to make them a lighter shade.It can lighten the colour of your teeth by several shades.

Who can perform the teeth whitening procedure?

What many people don’t realise is that teeth whitening is a form of dentistry. It should only be carried out by a dentist or a regulated dental professional, for example, a dental hygienist.  Over previous years many beauty salons were offering the procedure, however, this is illegal if there is not a dental professional present.  Furthermore, having the procedure carried out by someone who is not regulated could put your oral health at risk.

Often we see DIY home whitening kits also on the market, however many of these can also carry risks, patients need to be aware of this.  If in doubt speak to your dental professional.


Teeth whitening at our dental centre

To have teeth whitening carried out may take two to three visits.  Firstly we need to examine your teeth to ensure you are suitable for the procedure.  Secondly, we will take an impression of your teeth to make bespoke whitening trays for you to use after the treatment at home to fix and improve on the whitening result.

When you choose our in-practice teeth whitening, we use stronger ingredients to safely complete your treatment.  This procedure takes place in one of our treatment rooms and uses hydrogen peroxide gel which is applied to your teeth.  A barrier gel is placed over the gums and cheeks to avoid these areas being exposed to the light.

We use Zoom 3 which is a laser light, the Zoom 3 Advanced Power.  This is positioned over the teeth and activated to accelerate the whitening process by allowing the peroxide gel to penetrate the tooth discolouration.  The procedure takes approximately 60 minutes and produces ultra-fast whitening results up to 12 shades lighter!  You leave our Dental Centre with your whitening trays and some top-up peroxide gel along with instructions on how to maintain your new smile!  Even without top-up, the results can last two years. The added bonus is you get the best results with no sensitivity.

Professional Home Tray Whitening Kits

Dental impressions are taken of your teeth which are then used to create custom-made, soft moulded trays to fit your teeth.  Depending on your preference you may choose to whiten your teeth overnight or during the day for an hour a day.  The length of time to achieve the desired result varies, but the whitening tray system allows for a gentle and completely controlled result which is cost effective.  Results are usually attained between a few days and a couple of weeks.

Can all dentists whiten teeth?

The answer is yes, but they need to be registered with the General Dental Council.  Dental hygienists and dental therapists can also carry out the treatment on the prescription of a dentist.  There are two ways to find out if a dentist is registered with the GDC either by calling 0207 1676000 or by visiting the GDC online.

What are the risks of going to beauty salons and home whitening kits?

In the instance where a dental professional is not carrying out the tooth whitening, the mouth guard which is provided will not fit correctly as dental impressions are seldom taken and the bleaching gel could, therefore, leak onto the gums and mouth area.  If the bleaching gel leaks onto the gums and mouth area it can cause blistering and pain at the very least.  Some of the tooth whitening kits which are used at home can also be harmful to the enamel of the teeth and harm the gums.

Is the teeth whitening procedure permanent?

No, the procedure is not.  Generally your whitened smile can last from a few months up to 2 years, however, this can vary from person to person.  Avoiding drinking a lot of coffee, tea, red wine and avoiding food which can stain the teeth will help keep them brighter for longer.

Considering having Teeth Whitening carried out?

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