Why would I need veneers?

We offer high quality, contemporary veneers to make teeth look absolutely beautiful!  Dental veneers have long been used to create the ultimate smile makeover. They are still cosmetically the best and most predictable way of creating that perfect looking smile.  Especially if your teeth have a combination of problems such as being misshapen, crooked, chipped and discoloured.

They are a great way of giving you that confident smile and it doesn’t always mean having to remove too much tooth structure to achieve this.  As such they are more conservative than other treatments and nowadays they can be made incredibly thin, almost like contact lenses.

It is sometimes the case that veneers are considered in conjunction with other treatments such as orthodontics to straighten crooked teeth prior to placing the veneers to minimise the amount of tooth preparation required and to keep them thin and more natural looking.


Veneer Procedure

In order for it to fit correctly, some enamel will often need to be removed from the surface of the tooth. The bare minimum is removed to allow the veneer to be placed.  Anaesthetic may be used but for some patients, this is not always needed.  Accurate impressions of your teeth will then be taken, in order to make sure the veneers created are custom-built for the specifics of your teeth.  Your dental technician will be instructed on the design, tooth shade and shape of the new veneers for them to create.

The dental technician works closely with the dentist and the dental team to ensure that the best results are achieved for you.  This sometimes means that the technician will be present to assist with the design and shade of the veneers.  On the follow-up appointment, the bespoke veneers can be fitted and you can enjoy your brand new smile.

They are held in place with a strong bonding material and as such should last for many years.  Just like your normal teeth they require good care and attention, but if any problem should arise then our team will be happy to help.