A welcoming and caring place for family and child dental care

We love children here in Jesmond and aim to make each visit to their dentist child orientated and friendly. Our philosophy is to build up confidence and a dental knowledge that will serve them well in their dental care throughout life.

We provide services for children with healthy teeth as well as those who have problems and concerns. The general trend towards aesthetics and preventive care is important as the best looking teeth are those that are absolutely clean and healthy.

Crowded and crooked teeth are managed with dental orthodontic appliances (braces) and we work closely with a highly qualified team of orthodontists. Here on Osborne Road our children are generally seen within the National Health Service (NHS).

It is important to make your child’s visits easy and stress-free and to this aim we would encourage a few ‘Do’s and Don’ts’:-

Please Do

  • Keep your child informed and tell them that they are coming to visit the dentist
  • Be positive and use encouraging words like ‘fun’ and ‘exciting’
  • Tell them that the dentist will count their teeth and also help them to keep their teeth clean.


Please Don’t

  • Say ‘Don’t be scared’ or ‘It won’t hurt’. These statements imply that it might! If you yourself are nervous about your dental visits, it is better to say nothing at all.
  • Promise a reward. The feeling to get that reward will put great pressure on the child.


It is important to make that first visit positive and fun and we do it very well at Simpson and Nisbet Dental Centre!