Testimonial Zoom 3 Advanced Whitening


“Very impressed with the results from Zoom 3 advanced whitening treatment, pain-free and great results what more could you ask?”

“Prior to my appointment for the Zoom 3 advanced whitening treatment, I had a checkup with the dentist to ensure that my teeth and gums were healthy to have the treatment. In addition to the checkup, impressions were taken to make up trays for the home treatment after the in-house procedure.

As soon as I arrived in the dental centre it was a very warm and relaxing environment.  At first, I was a little apprehensive of the treatment and whether it would be painful. Around 10 years ago, I had a similar treatment carried out it was prior to the new regulations coming into the UK regarding teeth whitening. My recall of that process was that it was painful and uncomfortable, I guess you could understand me being apprehensive.

Upon being taken into the treatment room I was immediately made to feel relaxed and reassured about the treatment. The whole treatment from Simpson and Nisbet was 5 star, the staff was constantly ensuring I was comfortable at all times during the procedure.

The preparation before the treatment took awhile and great care was taken to ensure that no parts of my tissues were exposed to the bleach. After the preparation an accelerator was put onto my teeth followed by the bleach, then the lamp was placed over to my mouth for 15 minutes to carry out the first stage.


After each stage, the bleach was cleared from my teeth and the same process followed again for a total of 4 treatments. My shade was C1 prior to the treatment and after was BL4 which 6 shades lighter. I was then given trays with bleach to take away with me to continue the rest of the treatment at home.

You will see the results above from the photographs how white my teeth looked after the procedure. This will treatment will now be continued for the next week at home with the top up trays to enhance the whitening even further.

How do I feel about the treatment? Really impressed, not just with the results but also the overall professionalism of all the staff at Simpson and Nisbet dental centre in Jesmond, Newcastle.”