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How Alcohol Could Be Changing The Bacteria In Your Mouth

Could alcohol change the bacteria in your mouth?

Enjoying just one alcoholic drink could be changing the bacteria in your mouth. Furthermore, it could lead to oral cancer according to a new study.

Researchers who have been looking into the effects alcohol has on oral health discovered that it can influence the type of bacteria which resides in the mouth.  Higher numbers of bad bacteria were found within the mouths of those who consumed alcohol on a daily basis.

Scientists tested samples from over 1,000 adults, it was found that compared to non-drinkers those who consumed more than one alcoholic drink a day saw a reduction of the healthy bacteria, with a significant increase of the more harmful bacteria showing.

These changes could go on to contribute to alcohol-related diseases, for example, gum disease, digestive tract cancers, oral cancer.

“By giving the mouth a good clean last thing at night, bacteria in the saliva can be neutralised and help prevent any unwanted oral health or general health problems”.

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Prosecco causing tooth decay

Dentists have warned that Prosecco is causing tooth decay

Prosecco is a popular drink for many people in the UK and has become extremely popular over the past few years.  Despite its popularity, this sparkling wine may be bringing some unwanted side effects with it.
Just like champagne, prosecco is quite acidic, the PH balance plus the high sugar content puts it in a similar position to many fizzy drinks. This weakens the tooth enamel, which can be further damaged if people brush their teeth too soon after drinking the prosecco.  Drinking through a straw, rather than straight out of the glass can help protect the teeth.  However, the main solution would be not to over indulge and just have a couple of glasses. You should also wait a few hours before brushing your teeth to give the enamel time to harden.

Carbonated drinks get their fizz from the release of carbon dioxide, this then dissolves into carbonic acid.  Although the drink provides a refreshing taste it makes drink more acidic.  Prosecco also comes with about a teaspoon of sugar per flute.

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Decayed teeth could it hinder your chances of employment ?

A recent survey found that decayed teeth and bad breath could hinder the chances of employment.

Could decayed teeth hinder your employment chances?  A new survey carried out by YouGov on behalf of the British Dental Association (BDA), found 77% of people believe that poor oral health could actually hinder the chances of employment within public or customer-facing roles.  This was compared with 38% of respondents feeling the same regarding being overweight.

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Tooth decay the importance of visiting a dentist

Private dentists helping prevent tooth decay

Private dentists in Newcastle, helping prevent tooth decay in patients.

According to research published in the Journal of Dental Research, untreated tooth decay is affecting billions of people.

Professor Wagner Marcenes of Queen Mary University of London led the study, the study found that 2.4 billion people worldwide which was 35% of the population have tooth decay which has gone untreated in their permanent teeth.  The study also showed that 621 million children have untreated tooth decay in their milk teeth.

Prevention and the treatment of tooth decay is important if its left untreated it can cause severe pain and mouth infections.  The researchers estimated that over 190 million new cases of tooth decay in adults will develop annually worldwide.

Professor Marcenes said “The fact that a preventable oral disease like tooth decay is the most prevalent of all diseases examined in our report is quite disturbing and this should serve as a wake-up call to policymakers to increase their focus on the importance of dental health.”

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Regular check ups and hygienist appointments with private dentists

Having regular hygienist and appointments with our private dentists can help prevent tooth decay and gum diseases.  Our hygiene appointments can help prevent these diseases developing using preventative clinical treatments such as hand and ultra sonic scaling, prophylactic, jet stain removal as well as giving dietary and general cleaning advice, periodontal management and recommendations.

We can offer regular plans which spread the cost of your dental treatments, which include regular dental examinations, dental hygienist appointments and X-rays to help uncover and treat any dental problems as early as possible.

If you are looking for private dentists in the area to look after your dental care.  Simpson and mau have been awarded a Denplan Excel accreditation due to the high standards of clinical care from our team of dentists, dental hygienists and therapists which we are very proud of.  You can pay for your dental treatments when required.  With our flexible payment options it allows you to have regular checkups and treatments at a cost suited to your individual budget.

With regular appointments with a dentist it is not just tooth decay which can be spotted early.  Mouth cancer is also a big concern, otherwise known as oral cancer.  Mouth cancer is where a tumour develops on the surface of the tongue, mouth, lips or gums.  By having regular dental check-ups dentists can often spot the early stages of mouth cancer.  If diagnosed early, a complete cure is often possible using a combination of radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery.

If you would like to discuss the options available to you with one of our private dentists.  Please call us on 0191 281 2505 to make an appointment, you can also find out more about our general dentistry services on our dedicated page. 



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