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Cosmetic Dentists Newcastle

Cosmetic Dentists Newcastle upon Tyne

Cosmetic Dentists in Newcastle upon Tyne.  Our Cosmetic Dentists work to combine the latest in technology with superior dental care.

At our dental centre, our Cosmetic Dentists recognize that your comfort is of the greatest importance.  All our team understand that with any cosmetic dental treatment our main aim is to ensure that you leave our dental centre with a bigger smile than you came in with.

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Zoom 3 Teeth Whitening Offer

Zoom 3 Teeth Whitening – Christmas Offer – Huge Savings

Zoom 3 Teeth Whitening Special offer – our latest promotion runs from the 4th October to the 24th December 2017

Have beautiful white teeth this Christmas with our amazing offer.  Get our latest Zoom 3 Teeth Whitening with top- up trays and gels for only £399 normal price £580 saving a massive £181.00.

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Teeth Whitening Newcastle

Teeth whitening Newcastle – making you smile again!

If you feel insecure over the colour of your teeth, teeth whitening could be the perfect answer.  Many people are reluctant to smile in public places and feel uneasy when talking to people.  If you feel like this or are worried about having photos taken perhaps on your graduation or wedding day.  Then this treatment could be just the solution for you.



Why teeth whitening?

Everyone’s teeth vary in colour from person to person.  It can help your teeth to become shades lighter giving you a much whiter, brighter smile.

What causes our teeth to become discoloured and need whitening?

Teeth can become discoloured for many reasons and over the years the discolouration will increase with age. Tea, coffee, red wine, certain medicines and cigarette smoke are all key factors when it comes to the discolouration of teeth. Tooth decay, fillings and tartar are all contributors to the discolouration of our teeth.

Now with teeth whitening available from dentists, these common contributors can be overcome with dental teeth whitening procedures to lighten stains on your tooth enamel.

Teeth whitening results – does it really work?

This can vary for different people,  however, most respond well to teeth whitening treatments and see great results up to 12 shades lighter with the teeth whitening system we use which is Zoom 3.  The procedure takes approximately 90 minutes and produces ultra-fast whitening results.  We offer our patients top up trays to keep their smile extra bright, even without top-up trays, the results can last two to three years.

What about teeth whitening aftercare

  • Stop smoking after your teeth whitening procedure
  • Reduce your caffeine intake and foods that stain
  • Brush your teeth twice daily
  • See your hygienist regularly
  • Cut down on sugary drinks and sweets
How do I find out more about Teeth Whitening in Newcastle?

We have quite a lot of articles on our website regarding teeth whitening.  However, it is always best to make an appointment with one of our Dentists first, to ensure teeth whitening is right for you. Or visit our dedicated page to find out more

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A brighter smile with Zoom Teeth Whitening

Make your smile brighter with teeth whitening by Zoom Teeth Whitening!

Show us your most confident smile, with help from the teeth whitening professionals at Zoom.


About Zoom Teeth Whitening

Zoom Teeth Whitening is a brand you can trust.  With a completely safe procedure, your teeth could be several shades lighter, leaving you with a more confident smile.

The procedure consists of 4 x 15 minute sessions.  It’s ideal for anyone looking for immediate results., and with improved LED whitening technology, your results will be better than ever before.

Maintain your new smile at home with Zoom NiteWhite while you sleep or DayWhite in short daytime sessions.

About Teeth Whitening

As we get older, our teeth naturally get darker. It can be affected by what we drink, such as red wine, tea, coffee and other habits such as smoking.

Teeth whitening is the most popular aesthetic dental treatment available.  It is now considered by many dental professionals as the safest cosmetic procedure.

The Procedure

During the procedure, your gums will be covered with a special covering in order to protect them.  A pH booster swab will be applied to your teeth, followed by an EU Compliant Zoom gel formula.  The gel is activated using the WhiteSpeed lamp. After 4×15 minute sessions, you will see visible results.

How it works

By using advanced led whitening technology, accompanied with the Compliant Zoom gel formula, your procedure will ensure the break down of stains, ensuring that your teeth are shades lighter.

Continue to improve your results for up to two weeks at home with the DayWhite or NightWhite home kits.

Find out more

You can find out more about Zoom and our teeth whitening services on our dedicated page

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Smile on your special day with Zoom teeth whitening

Zoom teeth whitening making your wedding day extra special

A brighter smile with Zoom teeth whitening for your special day.

There is no more special day than a Wedding day, your smile is the way you will be greeting guests on the day.  With a beautiful smile, it can help give you confidence and help make you feel your best on that special day.  If you are planning your special wedding day, why not look at treating yourself to a beautiful white smile?

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Teeth Whitening – Virtually Pain Free

Teeth Whitening New Ingredients to help sensitivity

Teeth whitening is often the preferred choice when the teeth become discolored through drinking too much coffee, red wine or smoking.
Even our diet and medications can cause the teeth to become discolored at some point.
There are many different products on the market to help with teeth whitening. Such as cosmetic dental procedures which involve removing yellow or brown stains from the enamel.
The teeth whitening involves the attempt to restore natural enamel coloring by cleaning. Some people won’t be in suitable health to undergo teeth whitening.
It is always best to see a dental professional to make sure you are suitable for the whitening procedure.

Teeth Whitening in Newcastle at our Dental Centre.

Here at Simpson and mau Dental Centre Newcastle, we keep up to date with the latest in whitening procedures available.
Our new active gel Relief ACP actually gives you greater luster and protects enamel from dehydration which often leads to sensitivity.
Hence making it virtually pain free.We have also recently invested in the No.1 patient requested professional lighting system in our dental centre.
The new LED light triggers off active ingredients within the gel to help speed up the lighting process. Along with the new Zoom lightening technics which only dentists have access to for professional-strength whitening.
Simpson and mau are Cosmetic dentists in the heart of Newcastle, they can help create that lovely white smile.
A smile is often the way you greet people, so why not make it a beautiful one with the latest in teeth whitening.
To find out more about our teeth whitening services email us for more information or to make an appointment with our dental team

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Teeth Whitening – Visit a dentist

New laws regarding Teeth Whitening

A new law have recently come in regarding teeth whitening. The new law will help protect patients and give more prominence to the dental professional’s role.

The law was made on 2nd September 2012 and laid before Parliament on 5th September 2012.  The Cosmetic Products (Safety) (Amendment) Regulation 2012  This came  into effect on 31st October 2012.


What is the new law about?

The UK law officially recognises that tooth whitening is the practice of dentistry. Teeth whitening products containing or releasing between 0.1% and 6% hydrogen peroxide are to be sold to dental practitioners only.

Products containing or releasing between 0.1% and 6% hydrogen peroxide are legal for teeth whitening, if a dentist performs an initial clinical examination and does the first treatment or supervises another qualified dental professional.

Once this has being carried out the dentist can supply the product to the patient for them to complete the cycle at home.

What about non-dental professionals carrying out teeth whitening?

Non-dental professionals who are performing teeth whitening treatments are liable to be prosecuted. This is the role of the GDC to prosecute people who are providing a teeth whitening service. Trading Standards can also act if the individual or company are using a concentration of (or releasing) over 0.1% hydrogen peroxide.

The new legislation also announces that;

·        You can legally purchase teeth whitening products containing or releasing a concentration of up to 0.1% hydrogen peroxide for at home use as over the counter/

·        These products containing or releasing between 0.1% and 6% hydrogen peroxide cannot be used on people under the age of 18.

Non -Dental professionals performing this procedure

We have seen over the years many concerns over teeth whitening treatments which have being performed by non-dental professionals such as beauty therapists.

The  law to enhance clarity and bring dental bleaching firmly and solely within the remit of the dental profession.

The intentions are simple for teeth whitening treatments, go to the dentist. Dental professionals also have a explicit set of guidelines for the provision of legal treatments to follow.

If you are aware of anyone in the Newcastle area or throughout the North East carrying out these procedures. You can report them to Trading Standards or the General Dental Council.

To find out more please call us at our Newcastle dental centre 


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Teeth Whitening Home kits Vs Private Dentists

What is the difference between home teeth whitening & a private dentist?

Everyone now a days, seems to want that lovely bright white smile. Seeing people in the media more and more with white teeth has made teeth whitening more and more popular.

No matter how well we look after our teeth, they will gradually start to darken in appearance.

The molecules within our teeth are what overtime darken them giving our teeth a discoloured appearance. Drinking lots of tea, coffee, red wine etc can enhance and speed up this process overtime.

Home Teeth Whitening Products

They are lots of teeth whitening products on the market such as tooth whitening toothpastes, home whitening kits, whitening mouth washes etc.

The teeth whitening kits you buy over the counter usually are more effective than tooth paste or mouth wash when it comes to whitening. However, they can all help but most of them tend to use lower strength peroxide, so they are safe for home use.

Private Cosmetic Dentists Teeth Whitening

The best teeth whitening results will come through visiting a cosmetic dentist. Such as Simpson and mau, you can come to our dental centre in Newcastle where our team will be happy to discuss the treatments available. Our dentists will check your teeth to ensure teeth whitening is suitable for your teeth.

We find that teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in our Newcastle dental centre. With it taking just under an hour for a non invasive procedure, with great results you can understand why.

However this is not suitable for everyone, that’s why our cosmetic dentist will check over your teeth prior to booking an appointment. This  ensures that your teeth are in good condition to have the teeth whitening treatment.

We use the Zoom 3 laser teeth whitening treatment to help get the maximum effect for our customers. If they still require further whitening. We can provide top up trays to use at home or when they need a extra boost for that special occassion or night out.

Although teeth whitening can last quite awhile, eventually  it will deteriorate again as the molecules darken.  This procedure can be repeated again in time with no damage to the teeth, to help keep your lovely white smile.

To find out more about our Teeth Whitening Treatments give us a call on 0191 2810505

You can also follow us on Twitter or join our Facebook page to keep up with the latest news

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Dentist in Newcastle amazes client with Teeth Whitening results

Simpson & mau, Dentists in Newcastle have yet another very happy customer. Mark Nicholson from Hull was referred to the practice by a good friend local to the area. It just goes to show how referrals are amazing as Mark decided to trek on up to Newcastle and call in for a Teeth Whitening consultation with John Simpson, Dentist.

Mark explained his fear of dentists but was quickly put at ease as he had the procedure explained to him step by step and was given assurances that he would not feel any severe pain or discomfort. Mark was so delighted with the advice given and time John spent with him that on the day he agreed to appear in a video shoot that happened to be taking place that afternoon.

Simpson & mau understand the fears that many people have when needing to find a caring dentist that they decided to help people experience the practice by putting together a selection of videos that people can look at prior to making contact with them. John Simpson, Dentist said “It is important to me that my clients feel comfortable and that any worries they may have are shortlived. We take patient care very seriously and strive to make their visit an enjoyable and relaxing one.”

And so lights, camera, action – Mark had his whole procedure filmed from the start to the finish and you can find here details of what he said.

Here’s a hint…… he left with a bright smile!

[youtube width=”500″ height=”300″ id=”rHb2dK0q_Ew”]

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