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Cosmetic Dentists Newcastle

Cosmetic Dentists Newcastle upon Tyne

Cosmetic Dentists in Newcastle upon Tyne.  Our Cosmetic Dentists work to combine the latest in technology with superior dental care.

At our dental centre, our Cosmetic Dentists recognize that your comfort is of the greatest importance.  All our team understand that with any cosmetic dental treatment our main aim is to ensure that you leave our dental centre with a bigger smile than you came in with.

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Private Dentists Newcastle

 Private Dentists Newcastle – Simpson & Nisbet

Simpson and Nisbet Private Dentists Newcastle upon Tyne.

We offer a full range of dental treatments with many exciting new techniques.  As a result, this offers our patients unrivalled choices when it comes to their oral health.

Furthermore, our dental centre offers a very relaxing and informal atmosphere in which patients can relax and feel comfortable in.

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Smile with our Cosmetic Dentistry

Smile Again With Our Cosmetic Dentistry In Newcastle

Over time as we start to age our body changes, hair and skin are affected and wrinkles start to appear.  Our teeth are no different from the rest of our body and they certainly don’t escape the signs of ageing.  Teeth become stained, discoloured and often chipped or fractured.  However, the good news is now with Cosmetic Dentistry you can bring back that beautiful smile.

When many people think of Cosmetic Dentistry they associate it with celebrities and often assume it will be costly. However this is not necessarily true, there are many different forms of cosmetic treatments and improving your smile could be a lot less than you think.  Often the smallest of changes to your smile maybe enough to make a big difference.

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Dentists Newcastle

Dentists Newcastle upon Tyne

We are Private Cosmetic Dentists Newcastle upon Tyne, offering a large range of Cosmetic Treatments for patients.

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Why are people opting for Cosmetic Dentistry ?

Why is Cosmetic Dentistry a big trend for many people?

Although Cosmetic Dentistry is often a big secret when it comes to the beautiful smiles of many British celebrities. Many celebrities have certainly had some sort of cosmetic dentistry carried out. People want to look better and feel better in themselves, a lovely smile can often make all the difference to our confidence.

When it comes to Cosmetic Dentistry there are a huge range of treatments available.  From veneers, crowns, white fillings, teeth whitening, dental implants, teeth straightening procedures and the list goes on.

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Dental Implants Newcastle upon Tyne

Dental Implants Newcastle Dental Centre.

Dental Implants Newcastle dental centre, making you feel better about your smile.

At Simpson and Nisbet we want all our Dental Implant patients to be totally relaxed when they come to our dental practice.  From your initial appointment, our dental team will look after you each step of the way throughout your treatment.  They have changed many patients lives to help them smile more and helping give them more confidence, below are a few of the key benefits we find patients experience from having them placed.

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Veneers Newcastle – Creating a new you for 2017

Dental Veneers Newcastle – A new you for 2017

Dental Veneers in Newcastle. 

veneers newcastle

How many times have you smiled into the mirror and thought that your teeth just were not as good as they could be?  Perhaps they are chipped, stained, are slightly crooked or have big gaps.   Have you ever thought of looking into Veneers as an option?

If you have stained teeth there are different teeth whitening technics you could try such as Zoom 3 Teeth Whitening. Whitening does not always produce the exact results that people want or hope to achieve.  If your teeth are crooked, you can look into orthodontic work.  However, this can be a long process and not everyone feels comfortable wearing braces unless they really need to.


What you want is something that will make a visible difference to your teeth without it being too much of a major treatment – this is where we find patients tend to opt for dental veneers.

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Dentists top tips on what to eat this Christmas

Our dentists top tips on what to eat this festive season

Dentists Simpson and Nisbet understand how our customers love to over indulge at Christmas. So we have put together a few tips on what to eat over the festive period.

Many people consider themselves to have a good diet, however generally we all over-indulge at Christmas.


Friendly foods for Christmas

1. Cheese! You will be pleased to know that cheese is not only is it rich in calcium, which is good for healthy teeth, it also balances out the PH in your mouth.  In turn this helps lessen the damaging effects of acid from your wine etc on tooth enamel and it also helps kill bacteria that can lead to tooth decay and gum disease

2. Peanuts also contain calcium and vitamin D, these are both vital for oral health. Walnuts also contain zinc fibre, folic acid, iron, thiamine, magnesium, vitamin E & B6, potassium and zinc. These all play an important role in keeping teeth and gums healthy

3. When it comes to your Christmas dinner Broccoli and carrots, in particular, are great for your oral health as they contain vitamin A. Vitamin A helps strengthens tooth enamel

4. Christmas Turkey gives us a great source of protein, it is also rich in phosphorus.  Eating plenty of protein can help reduce tooth decay and keep your teeth strong and healthy

Christmas Teeth Rotters

1. Yes sweets, biscuits etc try to keep them to a minimum. These are full of sugars which are a prime cause of the acidic biofilm which causes dental tooth decay. If you are going to have sweets its best to have them together after your meal, rather than picking throughout the day

2. Fizzy drinks are loaded with sugar.  Did you know even sugar-free or diet drinks are still acidic and can cause the tooth enamel to erode away?  A top tip would be to use a straw this can help lessen direct contact with your teeth

3. Crisps – try opting vegetable crisps instead?

4. Wine – white wine can be acidic and contribute to enamel erosion, try having just one glass with your meal.  Red wine is known for the staining of teeth make sure you wait 30 minutes after drinking it before brushing your teeth.

We wish all of our customers a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year

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New patient dental check-up – Register Today!

Give yourself a healthy start to the new year with a dental check-up

If you have not had a dental check-up for awhile, now is the time to make a difference!

A dental check-up allows your dentist to see if you have any dental problems and keeps your mouth healthy.   If you have dental problems and they are left untreated it could make them more difficult for treating in the future.


What happens at a dental check-up?


  • Your teeth, gums and mouth are examined with a thorough health check including a soft issue and oral cancer screen.
  • Digital X-rays and images maybe taken to develop short and long term treatment where appropriate.
  • You will be asked if you have had any problems at all since your last visit to the dentist
  • Advice is given on diet, smoking and alcohol use and teeth-cleaning


How often should i have a check-up?

Dental check-ups should be carried out at least twice a year.  Those who suffer with more problems will possibly need to be seen more often.

Hygienist appointments


At Simpson and mau our dental hygienist, will carry out the following procedures:

  • Keep your teeth and gums healthy, whilst maintaining a fresh breath.
  • Remove stains from substances such as; coffee, red wine, cigarettes etc.
  • Carry out scaling and polishing
  • Demonstrate brushing and flossing techniques
  • Take dental X-rays if necessary to help diagnose problems.


By having regular appointments with a dental hygienist, will help keep your mouth healthy reducing tooth decay.

A dental hygienist will carefully remove any hard deposits or tartar which can build up on the teeth. They can also help advise you on preventative measures to help stop the tartar returning.


Look after your oral health

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Dental Implants frequently asked questions

Are you considering dental implants?

Our team have put together some frequently asked questions and answers for our patients, regarding dental implants.

Firstly to explain, what are dental implants?  They are used to support one or more false teeth, they are a titanium screw which is placed into the root of a tooth to support the false tooth.

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