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Cosmetic Dentists – Creating Beautiful Smiles

Cosmetic Dentists – In the heart of Jesmond, Newcastle

As Cosmetic dentists in Newcastle upon Tyne, we pride ourselves in creating beautiful smiles. We offer exceptional quality of care before, during and after treatment for all ages.

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Cosmetic Dentists Newcastle

Cosmetic Dentists Newcastle upon Tyne

Cosmetic Dentists in Newcastle upon Tyne.  Our Cosmetic Dentists work to combine the latest in technology with superior dental care.

At our dental centre, our Cosmetic Dentists recognize that your comfort is of the greatest importance.  All our team understand that with any cosmetic dental treatment our main aim is to ensure that you leave our dental centre with a bigger smile than you came in with.

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Smile makeovers for Christmas

Give yourself a confidence boost this Christmas with our Smile Makeovers

Smile Makeovers Newcastle


Christmas is fast approaching and a smile makeover can be the perfect present to help give you confidence in the way you look.  It could also be the perfect treat for a loved one this Christmas.

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Why are people opting for Cosmetic Dentistry ?

Why is Cosmetic Dentistry a big trend for many people?

Although Cosmetic Dentistry is often a big secret when it comes to the beautiful smiles of many British celebrities. Many celebrities have certainly had some sort of cosmetic dentistry carried out. People want to look better and feel better in themselves, a lovely smile can often make all the difference to our confidence.

When it comes to Cosmetic Dentistry there are a huge range of treatments available.  From veneers, crowns, white fillings, teeth whitening, dental implants, teeth straightening procedures and the list goes on.

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Cosmetic Dentists Newcastle upon Tyne

Cosmetic Dentists Newcastle Simpson and Nisbet


When you are looking for cosmetic dentists Newcastle upon Tyne.  It is important that you choose a dentist who specialises in Cosmetic dental treatments.

At Simpson and Nisbet we believe that cosmetic dentistry can help improve the natural beauty of your smile.

Cosmetic dentistry can include a variety of techniques from simple teeth whitening to placing veneers on a number of teeth.  Furthermore, we believe that this type of cosmetic procedure can take years of training, education and experience to be an expert.  All our team are fully trained to carry out cosmetic treatments.  Each has years of experience in their own specialist field, so you can be assured you are in very good hands.

Overall we want to provide people in Newcastle with the best treatments we can offer. In addition, we want to make all our patients whilst making them feel relaxed and comfortable at dental centre.

Many of our patients travel to Newcastle from Cumbria, Scotland and Yorkshire to see our cosmetic dentists.  Many of these patients have come recommended from others who have undergone treatment from our centre.

Below are a couple of testimonials from patients travelling to us for treatments from other areas.

“We moved from the North East of England over 16 years ago and still return for all our dental treatment by John and his dental team- we wouldn’t consider going anywhere else!”

– Jan Head and family North Yorkshire

“The distance I travel says it all! Professional dental treatment in a relaxed and very friendly environment, we find all the staff excellent and cheerful.”

– Gina Burn, Keswick, Cumbria

Finally, to find out more about our dental treatments please call us on  0191 2812505

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Private Cosmetic Dentists in Newcastle

Private Cosmetic Dentists in Newcastle upon Tyne

Simpson and Nisbet are Private Cosmetic Dentists in Newcastle upon Tyne which offer a large range of Cosmetic Treatments.  For example Teeth Whitening, Veneers, Crowns and Dental Implants.

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Private Dentist Newcastle upon Tyne

Simpson & Nisbet private dentist Newcastle upon Tyne

Private Dentist Newcastle upon Tyne, based just outside the City on the ever popular Osborne road Jesmond.

When it comes to choosing a private dentist in Newcastle.  Making the right choice is very important as they will be looking after your teeth for a long time.

At our dental centre, we want our patients to feel like they are getting the best treatment possible for their teeth.  Our goal is to make sure you achieve the optimal dental and oral health and maintain it.

All patients which arrive at our dental centre will find it a relaxing environment. Our private dentists take the time to discuss any concerns you may have with you in the privacy of our treatment rooms.

All our dental check-ups involve a thorough dental health check for your teeth and gums. In addition, they include a soft tissue and oral cancer screen. Digital x-rays and images maybe are taken to help us develop both short and long-term plans for your oral health.

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Dental Implants Sunderland

Dental Implants Sunderland – replacement teeth that feel like your own!

If you are considering Dental Implants Sunderland, Simpson & Nisbet dental centre are based just a few mile away in Newcastle.  We have a lot of patients who travel from Sunderland and the surrounding areas for our cosmetic services such as implants, veneers, crowns and teeth whitening etc.

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Dental Implants for patients in Northumberland

Dental Implants Northumberland

Dental Implants Northumberland and Tyne and Wear.  Just a short drive from Northumberland based just outside Newcastle City Centre. Our dental centre specialises in Dental Implants.

Many patients travel to us for their dental procedures from Northumberland, Scotland and Cumbria and further afield. This is due to our reputation in Cosmetic Dentistry and caring and friendly nature as dentists.

At our cosmetic dental centre in Newcastle, we offer the best possible care and attention when it comes to inserting dental implants.  We have a specially trained team of dentists who specialise in implants.  Our dedicated team do their best to make you feel at ease, especially when it comes to patients who dislike going to the dentists or suffer from anxiety.  We also offer sedation treatments if necessary to ensure your comfort.

Why choose dental implants?

Dental implants are roots of artificial teeth, they are placed into the jaw to connect a bridge or tooth.

Furthermore, they are a great option for people who have good oral health, or people or who may have lost teeth due to disease or accident.

With dental implants, they can feel so natural, that sometimes you may not realise you have lost teeth previously.  They do not rely on the other teeth for support, this is often whey they are the preferred choice with many of our patients.

Not only can they help with your chewing ability,  they can give you confidence when eating and speaking without concern.  We feel that not only help you feel more secure, but they can give you a greater sense of freedom than dentures.

Free consultation for patients from Northumberland

At Simpson and Nisbet we offer a free initial consultation.  The consultation is with one of our experienced cosmetic dentists who will take you through the pros and cons of dental implants.  Our cosmetic dentist will also advise you on whether they are the right solution for you.

Finally, at Simpson and Nisbet,  you can rest assured that our cosmetic dentists will look after you each step of the way through your treatment.

For more information on our dental implants please give us a call on 0191 281 2505

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Dental Implants for replacing tooth lose through sports injury

Have you lost, chipped or damaged a tooth during a sports injury? Dental implants may just be the answer.


If you have lost your tooth through a sports injury, dental implants can be the perfect solution.  However, no matter what the injury is to the tooth, it is important to have the tooth examined as soon as possible.

For people who regularly play sports, you will be aware that with any sport there is a risk of injury.  When it comes to injuries, most people think of muscular injuries. However, this is not always the case, at our Newcastle dental centre we see many patients with injuries to their teeth.

Mouthguard’s are often recommended in certain sports, but not all sportsmen choose to wear them.  This is often when injuries can occur to the teeth and jaw.

If teeth have ended up broken, they may require a crown to be fitted.  If the tooth is slightly chipped we maybe able to repair it.  With a severe blow to the tooth, this may result in a broken tooth or the tooth being knocked out altogether.  Under these circumstances the ideal solution could well be dental implants.

Dental implants – the solution for missing teeth

Simpson and mau dental centre in Newcastle, have treated many sports injuries throughout the years.  For teeth that need replacing with a dental implant, the dental implant offers the sportsman a well rooted tooth that looks just like their natural teeth.  Dental implants are held in place firmly, as the bone surrounds and attaches to the titanium dental implant.  Therefore the root is held firmly in place, just like a natural tooth.

If you already have a dental implant and play sports regularly.  Having a blow to that tooth could possibly result in a much worse injury, it is important to take preventive measures to help protect your teeth and jaw.

Help & advice for sports injuries to the teeth

At Simpson and mau we are here to help.  Whether you have simply suffered a slight chip to a tooth or you have lost the whole tooth.  Our dental team are available to give you the right solutions and advice for your injury. Did you know, we also offer a same day emergency dental service?  The emergency dental service is for both non-registered and registered patients.

Currently we have a SPECIAL OFFER  on our EMERGENCY DENTAL SERVICE for only £41.00. At your consultation we will inform you of any further treatment required and the costs. If you have had an injury and want to take advantage of this offer please quote EMERGENCY OFFER JM2015

For dental emergencies, please call us on 0191 281 2505 for an appointment the same day. (Please note: Same day appointments are subject to availability).

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