Facts regarding wisdom teeth removal

Wisdom teeth removal is a common procedure, not many of us look forward to experiencing it.  Here are a few facts about the actual procedure.

Wisdom teeth removal is a common procedure

It is and involves the removal of one or more of the third molars which are at the top and bottom of the back part of the mouth. Molars are the last teeth to develop generally between the age of 17 and 25.  The average person has four molars, some will have more and others none at all.

Can wisdom teeth cause oral health problems

Wisdom teeth are not a bad thing, however, they can become problematic if they start causing health issues. The wisdom teeth can cause infections, cysts, tumours and damage to teeth and gums. This can also inflict damage on vital organs, heart and kidney if infections are found at a later stage. Generally, these result when the tooth is impacted, decay and other oral issues can also result from erupted molars as they are located in hard to reach areas, making it less easy to clean them.

Wisdom tooth extraction pain

Wisdom tooth extraction generally is done via a surgical procedure, you won’t feel pain while this is being performed. You will require a local anaesthetic and may want sedation or in some cases a general anaesthetic however, the experience during surgery should be pain-free.’

Pain management after the procedure

After your tooth or teeth have been removed, you will be required to be on a soft diet. These cold products not only taste good they can help lessen the bleeding and swelling.  Apart from the soft diet, you will be prescribed medication to help with any pain and discomfort afterwards.

Speeding up recovery

With recovery, it vary’s case to case, however, you can be back to normal routines within a matter of days. Avoid strenuous physical activity, smoking after the procedure and ensure you are not vigorous when brushing your teeth close to the extraction area.

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