White Teeth To Make You Sparkle On Your Special Day

The summer is almost here and the wedding season is fast approaching, white teeth could make you sparkle even more on your wedding day.  As a bride, there are many things to consider before your big day, one of those may just be you would love a whiter smile on your wedding day, here at Simpson and Nisbet we can certainly help.

It is common for teeth to become stained from eating and drinking certain beverages and food, smoking can also cause teeth to become yellow and heavily stained. Having a lovely white smile can give you more confidence and make you want to show off that lovely bright white smile.

White Teeth The Solutions

There are many different products on the market to help achieve whiter teeth.  Some over the counter products such as whitening toothpaste contain abrasives that help remove stains and return the teeth to a whiter shade. Another over the counter product is a home whitening kit – these often contain peroxide which bleaches the tooth enamel. The home kits come with a gel which is placed in the tray. With these products, the chemical concentration is a lot lower than our professional treatments.

Why Choose Professional Whitening?

Professional teeth whitening offers a number of advantages over these products, the treatment is designed specifically for your individual needs.  Whitening carried out under the supervision of a dentist or therapist which ensures your safety during the procedure. Many people who use over the counter products can end up with irritation of the gums, cheeks and tooth sensitivity.  Dentists take all the precautions necessary to ensure the bleach is kept away from the sensitive areas in your mouth. The plus point is that the treatment with a dentist can generally be carried out within one hour.

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