Weight Management tips, do they take into account your oral health?

Whilst we support weight management and anything which improves your general health, we wanted to draw our patients attention few weight loss tips which may actually cause damage to your teeth.

We want our patients to be aware of these factors so they can achieve their target weight and feel confident smiling about losing it.

Eating smaller more frequent meals

By eating little and often, it does mean your teeth are exposed to acid attack for longer periods.  As dentists we would prefer you stuck to three meals a day, making them healthier and lighter.  Drinking plenty of water helps keep hunger pangs away.

Eating low-fat foods

We often hear patients saying they are cutting fat from their diets.  The problem is many manufacturers add sugar when fat is removed or reduced. Healthier fats such as fish, nuts and avocados are a better choice.

Also be aware of drinking smoothies, when fruits are blended into smoothies, it realises the sugars immediately which can leave a coating on your teeth.  The better option would be to eat whole fruit and drink plenty of water.

Cutting out junk food and sugary snacks

This is something we agree will benefit teeth and your weight loss journey.  When you have achieved your desired weight why not treat yourself to a professional teeth whitening session at our dental centre?  We get many patients who treat themselves after achieving their weight loss goal.  After all, you will have a lovely white smile to flash when you get back into those jeans.

To find out more about our teeth whitening services please visit our dedicated page.

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