Dental phobias – do you suffer from anxiety at the thought of visiting the dentist?

With dental phobias when people often think of visiting the dentist they can start to feel anxious.  However, they are not alone, we have quite a few patients that suffer from this, if we are aware of the situation we certainly can help.

Don’t let dental phobias affect your life

Generally, people who suffer from dental phobias try to avoid going to the dentist, in the long run, this can certainly affect their teeth and oral health.  What tends to happen is patients eventually have no choice but to go with a problem with their teeth.  The experience then is often worse as the dental pain can be accompanied by panic attacks, high blood pressure, shortness of breath and other symptoms.

How can our dental practice help patients with dental phobias?

Firstly don’t leave it until the situation gets worse and a problem develops with your teeth.  It is much easier to face your dental phobia without any other dental problems getting in the way.  We will discuss with you options to help you with your dental anxiety, we may also discuss some extra sedation methods with you for some of your procedures, you can read more about this on our sedation page. 

Often we find that our patients have easier experiences at our dental practice once they get over that initial fear, many patients get over it completely.

Here at our dental centre, we understand that everyone has different levels of fear, we work with our patients to help overcome them.  There are various reasons people suffer from dental phobias, some are often unique to each patient.  The main reason we find is that patients think the treatment is going to be painful, which often comes from an experience in their childhood.  Due to advances in modern dentistry, most modern treatments are however in fact pain-free. Talking a dentist is certainly the first steps towards overcoming any dental phobias.  Once the dentist understands your phobias this is a step towards working with you and helping you overcome them.

Finally, if you are putting off visiting the dentist due to this, please don’t leave it too late until it affects your oral health.  Come along to our dental practice and have a consultation with one of our dentists who would be happy to discuss possible options with you to help you overcome this issue.

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