Invisalign Go

Invisalign Go is a clear alternative to braces. Here at Simpson & Nisbet, we can help to improve your smile and most people will not know you are having treatment with removable near-invisible aligners.

How Invisalign Go Works

Custom-made aligners move your teeth little by little. Each tiny shifts takes you a step closer to a great result – efficiently, gently and accurately.  Invisalign Go is designed to work specifically on your front teeth to improve your smile.

Phase One

At an initial consultation, we discuss your needs and expectations.  If Invisalign Go is suitable for you we take photographs and impressions of your teeth which are then processed by Invisalign technicians.

Phase Two

The impressions of your teeth are digitised and turned into a 3D computer image. This allows a full treatment plan to be created and we can then show you a virtual make up of your treatment, before, during and after. This allows you to visualise the outcome.

Phase Three

When you go ahead with treatment ‘custom-made’ aligners are constructed for you. They are worn in a specific order and changed every 10-14 days. Treatment may typically take 5-6 months.

Costs of treatment

Costs generally start from £2,800

Love Your Smile!