Do your teeth look yellow? Are they discoloured?


Most of us would love a white smile, however, there are many people who have yellow teeth.  This is why we see many products in the media advertised for their powers of whitening. Tooth whitening is also one of the most popular cosmetic procedures at the dentist.  Tooth whitening is cleaning up after the event has occurred on our teeth, what if we could prevent these from happening in the first place?

Yellow-teeth-Dentists-NewcastleWhat products cause the staining on teeth?


Eating and drinking habits cause the most staining to your teeth.  Below are a few of the most common products to cause staining.

Red wine – a highly acidic beverage which is very rich in colour, it is not good for your teeth and can certainly cause them to stain.

Coffee and tea – these both have a combination of dangerous pigment and acids. Although the acid is weak, it is a common source when it comes to discolouration, adding lemon to your tea also adds to the impact.

Tomato sauce – again this is highly pigmented and acidic. In addition, the acid in the tomatoes weakens the enamel, therefore making it easier to stain.

Fruits – fruit such as blueberries and blackberries, which contain rich pigments can also stain the enamel.

Curry – another type of food which can also stain the teeth.  Think of it in this way, as a general indication, if a product can stain your clothes it can stain your teeth.

Avoidance of these types of products is not the only solution, you will be pleased to know. Here are a few other ways of protecting your teeth from stains.

Protecting your teeth from stains

Here are a few tips for which you can take to help reduce the damage which the above food and drinks can do to the enamel.

  1. Keep your teeth clean, brush twice a day, especially after eating foods which are highly pigmented or sugary to help prevent those stains from occurring.
  2. Use a fluoride toothpaste, this is an important part of the brushing process.
  3. Do not brush within an hour of eating or drinking acidic products. You can actually do more harm than good, try rinsing with water immediately to help clear the acids away then brush your teeth later.
  4. Drinking through a straw can help tooth staining liquids go straight past your teeth.
  5. With wine try drinking it with a meal, it will do less damage than having it without any food.


For more information on how to prevent stains or improving the look of discoloured or yellow teeth.  Speak to our Cosmetic Dentists or Dental Hygienists for more information.

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