Suffering from a toothache what is the treatment?

Treatment for a toothache can vary according to the cause, the most likely reasons a toothache occurs is down to caries, trauma or a deep filling.

  • Caries is decay which causes a hole in the tooth, generally caused by a filling which has been lost or a hole which has been produced by bacteria.
  • Trauma often is where a tooth has suffered a blow, it’s not necessarily straight away the pain happens, sometimes it can be years later.
  • Deep fillings can often cause a toothache, especially if caries have been removed earlier and if the filling is close to the nerve of the tooth, the tooth itself can die.

The possible options for treatment

After your dentist has identified the actual cause of a toothache you often have three options, our dentists will always discuss the most appropriate treatment.

  • Extraction of the tooth, this often will take away the pain but it can leave you with other issues, teeth adjacent to the extraction site may move.  Depending on where the tooth was the gap may be unsightly.  Furthermore, if you are having numerous teeth extracted it can lead to having dentures or dental implants in the future.
  • Root fillings, these may require two or three visits to your dentist.  Firstly, the decay will be removed from the nerve of the tooth, then the area cleaned from bacteria, this is often what is causing the pain.  Afterwards, the root filling is placed in the tooth itself, if they are not more problems the tooth will then have a crown placed upon it.
  • Don’t have any treatment and live with the pain, this is not advisable as the pain is likely to get a lot worse.


For patients suffering from an abscess or an uncontrollable toothache living in Newcastle or the surrounding areas.  Our dental team offer same day emergency appointments, whilst priority is given to our registered patients.  However, we will try to help anyone who comes to our dental centre in pain who is not registered with another dentist. You can find out more about our emergency dental service here. 

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