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Considering Teeth Whitening in Newcastle? Are you trying to achieve a lovely white smile?

Then you should read this article, as not all Teeth Whitening procedures are the same.



Laser Teeth Whitening Newcastle

If you have been wondering whether to have laser teeth whitening to achieve your lovely white smile, we would certainly recommend it. To help achieve a bright white smile, laser teeth whitening is definitely a product to choose.

What about the different teeth whitening products on the market?

There are lots of different teeth whitening products out there on the market, however, we have tried and tested quite a few of the preferred ones by dentists. As far as our dental experts are concerned we find that we get fantastic results from Zoom 3 laser teeth whitening advanced power. With Zoom 3 the procedure takes around 60 minutes and it certainly produces ultra-fast whitening results, which can be up to 12 shades lighter. Our dentists can also give you whitening trays and some top up gel to help you maintain your lovely white smile.

At our dental practice in Newcastle upon Tyne, we fully check your teeth to make sure they are suitable for the teeth whitening. We do this prior to advising on the right method to use to ensure your safety and to make sure that you are a suitable candidate- we then take shade guides and images before you begin and after to show you the significant change at the end of the treatment

With dental professionals, the procedure should use safe chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide in the bleach. We have seen reports of companies using chemicals such as chlorine dioxide in non-dental organisations. Using these chemicals can damage the tooth enamel and cause the teeth to become sensitive.

Latest teeth whitening offer

Currently, we have an offer on our Zoom 3 teeth whitening.

Zoom Advanced Power In House Teeth Whitening System & Top Up Trays Normally £580 Now Just £399

Top Up Trays Normally £367.50 Now Only £199

Please note this offer is on for a limited period only.

Finally, if you are interested in having your teeth whitened call us for a free consultation all our details are on our contact us page. 

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