Ways to protect your teeth over Christmas

As the festive period is about to start, we are looking at ways to protect your teeth during the Christmas period.  Although we don’t want to spoil anyone’s fun we thought we would give our patients a few healthy tips.

Grazing on food

With lots of delicious treats available, often you can find yourself grazing quite a lot.  By doing this it can cause more tooth decay, it’s not the volume of sugar you are eating its how often you eat it.   Each time you have something full of sugar it produces more acids which are the cause of tooth decay.  When we continually snack, the teeth are under constant attack.  A good excuse to eat all those chocolates in one go ;-).

Wrapping the presents

When wrapping the presents, by tearing sticky tape with your teeth can easily crack or weaken the teeth.  Furthermore, it can even dislodge a veneer or crown, use a tape dispenser to help save yourself from an injury.


So you have just had those pickled onions or hot dogs on sticks.  You have something stuck in your tooth, by the stick or another sharp instrument can cause bleeding and tooth injuries. Always use dental floss or an interdental brush to work out trapped food. In the instance, you cannot dislodge it and it’s causing you a toothache, speak with your dentist.


Whilst very delicious, often toffees can be a hazard waiting to happen.  They are very sticky and can pull off dental crowns, fillings, bridges and veneers. Choose chocolates instead which melt in the mouth, to help limit any damage.


Prosecco is one of the most damaging drinks, is probably one of most dentally-damage drinks if drunk frequently.  This is due to the acid, sugar and alcohol levels. If you are going to have prosecco enjoy it in moderation, making sure you limit the erosive effects by drinking water in between.

Cracking nuts

Never do this with your teeth, it’s definitely a bad idea.  Nutshells are very hard and the teeth should never be used to open them, always use a set of nutcrackers.

Opening bottles with teeth

Never open bottles with your teeth. Although it may seem like a harmless idea at first, however, it can cause serious damage to the teeth.  Always use bottle openers for you and your guests, so there is no temptation for anyone to use their teeth.

Finally, we wish all our customers a happy and festive Christmas and New Year.  If an injury does occur over the festive period, call our dental team for an Emergency Appointment.

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