Emergency Dentists for Newcastle area – same day appointments

Simpson and mau are Emergency dentists in Jesmond.  Just a couple of miles from Newcastle City  Centre.

When you are in need of emergency dental care, you can rest assured that our team are here to help.  The service we offer as Emergency dentists is for both registered and non-registered patients.


The reasons people often need an Emergency Dentist

When it comes to requiring an Emergency dentist the most common issues we find are: Extreme dental pain, if you are suffering from this it is important you see a qualified emergency dentist for advice immediately.  With severe pain it can often can other issues such as dental infections and problems that could require immediate treatment. Swelling in the face,neck or mouth.  Infection can often be the cause of this, if left untreated it can lead to further problems. Emergency dentists are often required for problems such as:

  • Tooth decay and cavities
  • Teeth which have been cracked
  • Missing, broken or fillings which have become loose
  • Receding of the gums 
  • Abscesses on gums 
  • New teeth breaking through the gums 
  • Swollen and sore gums

The required treatment for these issues, will be recommended by a dentist upon assessment of the cause of the pain.  Getting to see an Emergency dentist in the quickest possible time will help the issue from getting worse.  Simpson and mau are Emergency dentists in Newcastle. We offer a same day service for dental emergencies (subject to availability).

Our Emergency dental service we offer is currently only £44.00.  Upon your consultation we will advise you of any further treatments and costs required.  To take advantage of this low cost offer quote Emergency Offer JM2014.

If you require an Emergency dentist, please call us on 0191 2812505 for a same day appointment (subject to availability).

You should always visit your dentist for regular checkups.  Dental problems can often be spotted and treated earlier if they are noticed, preventing some of the pain patients suffer when requiring emergency dental treatment.


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