How can I register on Denplan?

We will need to carry out a full dental health check that will cover all aspects of your oral health. From this initial assessment we will be able to establish your monthly Denplan Care payment. The amount of existing dental work, health of the gums and presence of any prostheses determines your Denplan Care category.

Your payment will be collected monthly by direct debit by Denplan. There is also a one-off registration fee by Denplan, which is equal to one month’s payment to cover the setting up of the direct debit and administration involved. This is collected with your first monthly payment.


I am already on Denplan and wish to transfer

You should inform your current dentist of the change. They will provide you with a leaving assessment. At Simpson and Nisbet Dental Centre we will examine you and determine your category even if you don’t know it, at which point you can re-register. A new direct debit mandate needs to be completed. Please do remember to cancel your other mandate. This cannot be done automatically and does require you to contact Denplan.

I have Denplan through work, is this same?

Corporate Dental plans are different. They are essentially an insurance plan. You will be treated as a private fee paying patient and are responsible for the dental fees. Denplan will reimburse these fees. Please bring in your reimbursement form for us to sign.

I need to contact Denplan

Denplan is the UK’s leading dental health care company. With Denplan Care your fixed monthly payments help you to budget for regular, affordable preventive dental care, without the fear of costly and unexpected bills. The support that Denplan Practice Teams like our Dental Centre on Osborne Road receive from Denplan, means that we can spend more time with you as individual patients and concentrate on developing a good oral health routine and maintaining your smile.

Denplan Information

As a Denplan patient you are entitled to all regular treatments and advice needed to maintain oral health. This includes x-rays, hygiene treatments, crowns, bridgework and white fillings where necessary.

Denplan Excel

Simpson and Nisbet are part of the Denplan Excel scheme, which means your dentist, is practicing in line with current good practice recommendations and is complying with current dental regulation. You can be assured that we are committed to quality care and continuous improvement, and have their best interests at heart.

Denplan Registration

At Simpson and Nisbet the Denplan registration process is simple and straight forward. After an initial assessment, you are placed into one of five, easy payment fee categories. Denplan collects the monthly payment by direct debit.