Making teeth whitening part of your Wedding Day planning

There are a lot of things to plan as part of the Wedding Day planning, teeth whitening can be a luxury item you may just want to plan in too.

Having a lovely white smile can make those photographs look even more beautiful on your special day.




Wedding Day Planning Step 1 – Book Your Initial Consultation Early.

Teeth whitening can produce fantastic results, unfortunately not everyone has the same results, each individual patient’s teeth have various shades of discolouration.  E.g; a patient with yellow teeth could end up having better results than a patient with grey tinted teeth.

Tooth whitening is not always for everyone and that is why it is important your teeth are examined first by a qualified dentist.  Do this as part of your wedding day planning, make sure you book in an initial consultation well in advance of your wedding day.

Types of Teeth Whitening

Laser Procedure 

At our dental centre we carry out two different types of teeth whitening.  In house laser this procedure takes around 1.5 to 2 hours.   This can achieve immediate results, some patients prefer to use it in conjunction with our home whitening kit.  By using it in conjunction with the home kit, can help keep your lovely smile looking great especially on your wedding day.  At Simpson and mau we include the trays with our in surgery tooth whitening.

Bespoke Trays – Home Whitening Kits

The second type is our home whitening kits.  We make bespoke teeth whitening trays, these are worn for one or two sessions a day to gradually whiten your teeth, normally for 30 minutes.  These trays can also be used for touch ups to maintain your new shade when opting for the laser teeth whitening.  If you drink a lot of tea, coffee, red wine or smoke these products as well as certain foods can stain the teeth.  The trays are ideal for helping maintain your new shade or giving your smile a boost before a special occasion.

To keep your teeth looking healthy even after teeth whitening, you should always attend regular dentist checkups.

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