Frequently asked questions regarding Dental Implants


With dental implants, we find each patient we treat has various questions or concerns relating to the procedure.

In this article, we will try to cover some of the most frequently asked questions.  However, there are always cases where there may be other concerns our patients have.  If this is the case, please talk to our dental team who will be happy to go through any other related questions you may have.


How much are dental implants?

This is often a popular question, in recent years you will be pleased to know, dental implants have become more and more cost effective.  Whilst there are cost implications they are a great investment for improving the quality of your life.  To give an exact cost we would need to see you first for a consultation, also to see if dental implants would be suitable.

Do you have any finance options?

We can arrange to spread out the payments, please ask our dental team for more information at your consultation.

How many years can I expect my dental implants to last?

Dental implants are a more permanent solution, the success rate with the long term functionality is around 90%.  Most dentists use dental implants as a preferred method of tooth replacement.

Whilst the dental implants are healing, will this affect my eating?

Yes, but only for a short time after surgery.  During this period we would recommend you avoid chewing in the area where the implants are placed.

Does the treatment hurt?

Often we find patients saying that having a tooth extracted hurts more than having a dental implant inserted.  We normally carry out the procedure under a local anaesthetic, you can find out more about this process on our dedicated page for dental implants. 

If you have any other questions regarding this procedure,  please call our dental team or email us you will find all our details on our contact us page. 

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