Cold sore policy 

At Simpson and Nisbet Dental Centre we strive to work as safely as possible for both patients and staff. This includes following a number of regulation and guidelines.

Patients with cold sores usually experience a tenderness, tingling or burning before the actual sore appears, initially as a blister which subsequently crusts over. The most infectious stage is when the sore is a blister which can breakdown and bleed.

Due to the highly infectious nature of cold sores (Herpes simplex) and therefore the high risk of transmission between patient and dental staff during treatment, anyone with a cold sore will not be treated until 14 days after the initial break out.

Patients with a cold sore should be rebooked for non-essential/routine appointments.

To give patients as much notice in these situations that treatment may not be possible, a note is added to the recall / reminder emails and letters advising patients of this policy and therefore if they are suffering from a cold sore this will prompt them to contact the surgery to rebook any appointments they may have within the 14 day time frame.

Each of us has to ensure patient and staff safety is a priority.

Last reviewed: May 2018