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Teeth Whitening Newcastle upon Tyne

Teeth Whitening Newcastle Dental Centre

Considering Teeth Whitening in Newcastle? Are you trying to achieve a lovely white smile?

Then you should read this article, as not all Teeth Whitening procedures are the same.



Laser Teeth Whitening Newcastle

If you have been wondering whether to have laser teeth whitening to achieve your lovely white smile, we would certainly recommend it. To help achieve a bright white smile, laser teeth whitening is definitely a product to choose.

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Invisalign Questions

Invisalign Questions We Have The Answers

Have Invisalign questions or concerns? We have listed a few of the most frequently asked questions and answers below regarding this treatment.

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Teeth Whitening Dentist

 A teeth whitening dentist is the person to visit if you are wanting whiter teeth

Patients often get confused about who can carry out teeth whitening, a teeth whitening dentist who is registered may carry out the process in the UK.

The video below explains who can carry out the process by the British Dental Association.

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Dermal Filler Treatments

Dermal Filler Treatments Newcastle

Dermal filler treatments in Newcastle.

Dermal fillers have become more popular in recent years mostly down to their high safety profile, more predictable results and the almost immediate effect which they can have.

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Multiple Teeth Implants Newcastle

Cosmetic Dentists Our Multiple Teeth Implants

Multiple teeth implants, the natural looking solution for missing teeth.

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Dental Phobias

Dental phobias – do you suffer from anxiety at the thought of visiting the dentist?

With dental phobias when people often think of visiting the dentist they can start to feel anxious.  However, they are not alone, we have quite a few patients that suffer from this, if we are aware of the situation we certainly can help.

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Clear Braces Newcastle Dentists

Clear Braces Newcastle Dental Centre

Clear braces are becoming extremely popular for teeth straightening.  Gone are the days when there was no option but to have metal braces.

Teeth straightening, however, can be one of the longest dental treatments to carry out.  Patients may in some cases have to wear braces for a year or more depending on their individual circumstances, in some cases, this can often put people off wearing them. The good news is this is not always the case and many patients complete their treatment in a much shorter time.

Thankfully also with clear braces, they are a lot more aesthetically pleasing which a lot of patients prefer.  These offer less discomfort and they are not as inconvenient as traditional braces. The system we offer at our dental centre is Invisalign.

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How Alcohol Could Be Changing The Bacteria In Your Mouth

Could alcohol change the bacteria in your mouth?

Enjoying just one alcoholic drink could be changing the bacteria in your mouth. Furthermore, it could lead to oral cancer according to a new study.

Researchers who have been looking into the effects alcohol has on oral health discovered that it can influence the type of bacteria which resides in the mouth.  Higher numbers of bad bacteria were found within the mouths of those who consumed alcohol on a daily basis.

Scientists tested samples from over 1,000 adults, it was found that compared to non-drinkers those who consumed more than one alcoholic drink a day saw a reduction of the healthy bacteria, with a significant increase of the more harmful bacteria showing.

These changes could go on to contribute to alcohol-related diseases, for example, gum disease, digestive tract cancers, oral cancer.

“By giving the mouth a good clean last thing at night, bacteria in the saliva can be neutralised and help prevent any unwanted oral health or general health problems”.

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Deep Cleaning For Your Teeth

Why Do We Need Deep Cleaning For Our Teeth?

Deep cleaning is a procedure carried out to treat gum and periodontal disease.  The process is often carried out as the patient has not had regular professional cleaning appointments ( every six months).

This procedure is carried out by a dental hygienist.  An instrument is used to measures the area surrounding the teeth to see if they are any gaps between the teeth and gums where bacteria could begin to form. These areas are called pockets, healthy pockets are 3 – 4 millimetres deep.  For instance, if they are deeper than 5 millimetres you may require a deep scale.

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Mouth Cancer Rises By 135%

How to spot mouth cancer, early warning signs

Mouth cancer in the UK has more than doubled inside the last generation.  However, a huge amount of people still are not aware of the early warning signs.

Last year, over 8,300 Britsh adults were found to have mouth cancer, which was an increase of approximately 135% comparing the figures to 20 years ago.  Furthermore, it was found that 82% of us did not know how to check for ourselves.

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