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How Alcohol Could Be Changing The Bacteria In Your Mouth

Could alcohol change the bacteria in your mouth?

Enjoying just one alcoholic drink could be changing the bacteria in your mouth. Furthermore, it could lead to oral cancer according to a new study.

Researchers who have been looking into the effects alcohol has on oral health discovered that it can influence the type of bacteria which resides in the mouth.  Higher numbers of bad bacteria were found within the mouths of those who consumed alcohol on a daily basis.

Scientists tested samples from over 1,000 adults, it was found that compared to non-drinkers those who consumed more than one alcoholic drink a day saw a reduction of the healthy bacteria, with a significant increase of the more harmful bacteria showing.

These changes could go on to contribute to alcohol-related diseases, for example, gum disease, digestive tract cancers, oral cancer.

“By giving the mouth a good clean last thing at night, bacteria in the saliva can be neutralised and help prevent any unwanted oral health or general health problems”.

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Deep Cleaning For Your Teeth

Why Do We Need Deep Cleaning For Our Teeth?

Deep cleaning is a procedure carried out to treat gum and periodontal disease.  The process is often carried out as the patient has not had regular professional cleaning appointments ( every six months).

This procedure is carried out by a dental hygienist.  An instrument is used to measures the area surrounding the teeth to see if they are any gaps between the teeth and gums where bacteria could begin to form. These areas are called pockets, healthy pockets are 3 – 4 millimetres deep.  For instance, if they are deeper than 5 millimetres you may require a deep scale.

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Dentists Demand A Ban On Coca-Cola Truck

Dentists demand a ban on the Coca-cola truck

Dentists demand a ban, the British Dental Association has urged the Coca-Cola company to lose its spin on the healthy options which it is offering on its Christmas tour – given their sugar-free brands are more acidic than lemon juice and vinegar and have helped leave almost half of teens with dental erosion.

The professional association for UK dentists said Coca-Cola has been trying to deflect heavy criticism of the truck by focusing on its zero sugar varieties of the drink.  The British Dental Association, however, pointed out that both Coke Zero and Diet Coke like Classic Coke, contain phosphoric acid which gives that sharp flavour.  Colas are also carbonated, so newly opened cans also contain high quantities of dissolved carbonic acids.

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Mouth Cancer Rises By 135%

How to spot mouth cancer, early warning signs

Mouth cancer in the UK has more than doubled inside the last generation.  However, a huge amount of people still are not aware of the early warning signs.

Last year, over 8,300 Britsh adults were found to have mouth cancer, which was an increase of approximately 135% comparing the figures to 20 years ago.  Furthermore, it was found that 82% of us did not know how to check for ourselves.

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Protect Your Teeth Over Christmas

Ways to protect your teeth over Christmas

As the festive period is about to start, we are looking at ways to protect your teeth during the Christmas period.  Although we don’t want to spoil anyone’s fun we thought we would give our patients a few healthy tips.

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Straight Teeth

Achieving Straight Teeth

Straight teeth can be achieved by wearing braces, nowadays braces no longer have to look unsightly with the invention of clear braces.

What are clear braces?

Clear braces are clear positioning trays which help guide your teeth from their current position to the desired position.  They put gentle pressure on the teeth to move them into the new position.  Furthermore, they are wire-free, invisible and removable, allowing you to eat and speak in public without any embarrassment.  With clear braces, you just need to remove them when eating, to brush your teeth and flossing as normal, then pop them back in.  The average time for the treatment is around six months and they provide the same type of results as fixed braces.

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Vaping can increase your chances of developing mouth cancer

A new study reveals that vaping could increase your chances of developing oral cancer


In a recent study, it has shown that vaping could increase the chances of developing oral cancer, the study was carried out by the University of Minnesota.

The study found that vaping increases the level of DNA damaging chemicals in the saliva such as formaldehyde, acrolein and methylglyoxal.  Exposure to these chemicals increases the risk associated with oral cancer.

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Tooth Erosion

Tooth Erosion what is it?

Tooth erosion is where acid wears away the enamel of the tooth.  This is the outer layer and the hardest tissue which is found in the human body.

Enamel covers the crown which is the section of the tooth visible from the outside of the gums.  Dentine, on the other hand, is the tooth colour, either white, off-white or yellow.  The enamel protects the tooth from daily wear and tear, for example biting, grinding and crunching. Even though the enamel is hard, it can still crack or chip. Unfortunately unlike a bone in the body, if tooth chips or breaks it cannot repair itself.  This is due to the fact that enamel has no living cells, therefore the body cannot repair this.

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Teeth Grinding

Teeth Grinding, A Damaging Habit

Teeth grinding is a problem for quite a few people, not only is it damaging, it is hard to often stop as it mostly occurs in patients during their sleep.

Teeth grinding otherwise known as bruxism generally occurs when we are under stress, unfortunately, whether at home or work many of us suffer from day to day stress in some form or another.

The Prevention

Preventing teeth grinding, whilst, unfortunately, there is no quick fix, one solution is to wear a mouth guard during the night to help stop you grinding. Your dentist can discuss this possibility with you and also assess any damage which has already occurred. The stress you may be going through maybe just short term, for example, changing jobs or moving home.  Whilst other problems maybe longer lasting and can have more effect on your teeth and overall general health.  Nowadays there are many books and websites which deal with reducing stress, medication, yoga and breathing exercises are just some of the things which can help.  In addition, you should also seek medical guidance from your GP if you are suffering from long-term stress.

Restoring Damage

Once you have stopped grinding your teeth, this is a good time to see how they can be restored. Teeth may have become chipped, worn or even broken during grinding.  If this is the case we may use a variety of treatments to restore their functionality.  Small chips to the teeth can be restored generally with bonding or tooth coloured fillings.  However, where teeth have become more badly damaged or worn they may require more in-depth treatment.  Often dental crowns may need to be used, dental implants, bridges or dentures.  Our dentists will discuss this with you depending on your own situation and the best treatment for your individual circumstances.

Finally, if you are having trouble grinding your teeth, why not make an appointment with our Cosmetic Dentists to discuss possible solutions?  You will find all our details on the contact us page. 

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Crowns the dentists guide

Frequently answered questions regarding crowns

Firstly crowns are artificial restoration which fits over the remaining part of a tooth.  The crown makes it stronger and gives the shape of a natural tooth, often known as a cap.

Crowns are an ideal way to restore teeth which may have been broken. Improve the appearance of a discoloured filling or to protect what is left of your tooth. When it comes to improving the look of your smile. Usually, ceramic or porcelain cosmetic crowns are used to enhance shape. You can even choose the shade of your teeth once you have whitening done, so the crown can be virtually undetectable.

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