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Multiple Teeth Implants Newcastle

Cosmetic Dentists Our Multiple Teeth Implants

Multiple teeth implants, the natural looking solution for missing teeth.

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Cosmetic Dentists Newcastle

Cosmetic Dentists Newcastle upon Tyne

Cosmetic Dentists in Newcastle upon Tyne.  Our Cosmetic Dentists work to combine the latest in technology with superior dental care.

At our dental centre, our Cosmetic Dentists recognize that your comfort is of the greatest importance.  All our team understand that with any cosmetic dental treatment our main aim is to ensure that you leave our dental centre with a bigger smile than you came in with.

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Dental Crowns

The importance of Dental Crowns

When it comes to dental crowns here at our dental centre our aim is to help you keep your teeth as long as possible.

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Private Dentists Newcastle

 Private Dentists Newcastle – Simpson & Nisbet

Simpson and Nisbet Private Dentists Newcastle upon Tyne.

We offer a full range of dental treatments with many exciting new techniques.  As a result, this offers our patients unrivalled choices when it comes to their oral health.

Furthermore, our dental centre offers a very relaxing and informal atmosphere in which patients can relax and feel comfortable in.

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Smile makeovers for Christmas

Give yourself a confidence boost this Christmas with our Smile Makeovers

Smile Makeovers Newcastle


Christmas is fast approaching and a smile makeover can be the perfect present to help give you confidence in the way you look.  It could also be the perfect treat for a loved one this Christmas.

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Smile with our Cosmetic Dentistry

Smile Again With Our Cosmetic Dentistry In Newcastle

Over time as we start to age our body changes, hair and skin are affected and wrinkles start to appear.  Our teeth are no different from the rest of our body and they certainly don’t escape the signs of ageing.  Teeth become stained, discoloured and often chipped or fractured.  However, the good news is now with Cosmetic Dentistry you can bring back that beautiful smile.

When many people think of Cosmetic Dentistry they associate it with celebrities and often assume it will be costly. However this is not necessarily true, there are many different forms of cosmetic treatments and improving your smile could be a lot less than you think.  Often the smallest of changes to your smile maybe enough to make a big difference.

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Wedding day planning – teeth whitening

Making teeth whitening part of your Wedding Day planning

There are a lot of things to plan as part of the wedding day planning, teeth whitening can be a luxury item you may just want to plan in too.

Having a lovely white smile can make those photographs look even more beautiful on your special day.




Wedding Day Planning Step 1 – Book Your Initial Consultation Early.

Teeth whitening can produce fantastic results, unfortunately not everyone has the same results, each individual patient’s teeth have various shades of discolouration.  E.g; a patient with yellow teeth could end up having better results than a patient with grey tinted teeth.

Tooth whitening is not always for everyone and that is why it is important your teeth are examined first by a qualified dentist.  Do this as part of your wedding day planning, make sure you book in an initial consultation well in advance of your wedding day.

Types of Teeth Whitening

Laser Procedure 

At our dental centre, we carry out two different types of teeth whitening.  In-house laser, this procedure takes around 90 minutes.  This can achieve immediate results, some patients prefer to use it in conjunction with our home whitening kit.  By using it in conjunction with the home kit, can help keep your lovely smile looking great especially on your wedding day.  At Simpson and Nisbet we include the trays with our in surgery tooth whitening.

Bespoke Trays – Home Whitening Kits

The second type is our home whitening kits.  We make bespoke teeth whitening trays, these are worn for one or two sessions a day to gradually whiten your teeth, normally for 30 minutes.  These trays can also be used for touch-ups to maintain your new shade when opting for the laser teeth whitening.  If you drink a lot of tea, coffee, red wine or smoke, these products, as well as certain foods, can stain the teeth.  Furthermore, the trays are ideal for helping maintain your new shade or giving your smile a boost before a special occasion.

To keep your teeth looking healthy even after teeth whitening, you should always attend regular dentist examinations.

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What does the process entail with a dental implant bridge?

Dental implant bridge how the process works

Often patients are nervous when it comes to the thought of a dental implant bridge and what the process entails.  However, this is a very safe and effective treatment.

A Dental implant bridge is very similar to a regular bridge. The difference being instead of the bridge being supported by the natural teeth, the dental implants support the bridge instead.

In some cases with patients, they do not have enough jawbone to support multiple dental implants. In this case, considering a dental implant bridge can certainly prove most beneficial to patients.  Firstly a single tooth implant is placed on either side of the missing space, on which it can then be placed.

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Teeth Straightened

Why you should not wait to have them straightened

Lots of patients come to us wanting their teeth straightened. However, the one thing many of them say afterwards is they don’t know why they waited so long.  Therefore we have put together a few of the reasons why patients tend to put off having their teeth straightened and why there is no real reason to be concerned.

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Titanium Dental Implants

The Alternative To Dentures- Titanium Dental Implants Newcastle

Titanium dental implants can be a great alternative to dentures.

A dental implant is a simple way with a crown to replace a missing tooth, whether it is a front or back tooth.

Dental implants can help give you your confidence back and achieve a more natural looking smile. The dental implant basically acts as an anchor for the artificial tooth, it simply consists of a small titanium post which is generally placed in one or two visits.  Furthermore, these screws or posts are made of a medically pure form of titanium, after they are placed in the jaw bone and rest under it for ten weeks.  They then actually fuse to the jawbone and become bone integrated.  After the appropriate healing, these are used to replace the missing teeth, for example, fixing a crown, bridge or overdenture to it.  Titanium dental implants are used due to the fact they are compatible and can bond quite strongly to the bone tissue.




Why Choose Dental Implants

The reason many people choose dental implants is they function like a natural tooth. Whether you have a single missing tooth or multiple they can be the ideal solution. For patients who have issues with moving dentures, these can help to anchor the denture in place, offering more stability and confidence.

As we lose teeth overtime the jawbone can begin to shrink and disappear, this can result in sunken lips and cheeks.  Dental implants integrate with your jawbone, this helps to keep the bone healthy and intact. Furthermore, they can also help redistribute the load from the remaining teeth preventing wear and further loss of teeth as dental implants are functional in themselves.

When wearing dentures they can affect your speech and limit your eating, with Dental implants they not only help improve speech but also your ability to eat. In addition, they are a lot are easier to look after and keep clean compared to bridgework.

Find out more

Why not come along to our dental centre in Newcastle and meet our Cosmetic Dentists.  We will be happy to talk you through an initial assessment to check your suitability.  Impressions can be taken along with x-rays to establish the number and positions of implants you require.  We will also give you a timetable for the treatment and the costings involved for the treatment.  The average time for them to be placed is around 3 – 12 months from beginning to the end of the treatment.

Call our dental team for an appointment

Give us a call on 0191 2812505 to make an appointment with one of our Cosmetic dentists to discuss this further.

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